Artwork > SOLO(S) PROJECT HOUSE 2016

Enamel & acrylic paint on un-stretched canvas

Black Scroll; "A son is, father will be, as you did, and you'll see... In the country of the blind, the one-eyed man is king. Eyes that do not see, don't mind... It's like a dog in the manger, who neither eats nor lets eat. For what is missing to come to rest."

Gold Scroll; "Bread, bread and wine, wine. You have to give wing to eat the breast. Honor to whom honor is due and to rob a thief, deserves forgiveness. They are given a fingernail and catch up to the elbow and I give you a finger and you want to catch the arm."

White Scroll; "One swallow does not make a summer and the absence causes forgetfulness. Out of sight, out of mind, yet he who lives in illusions dies of heartbreak. Love is repaid with love. Do not dirty the water and then drink it; to swim you have to jump into the water."